Monday, March 26, 2012

New furry friend!

We recently adopted another ridgeback and have been spending time getting her acclimated to her new environment. Her name is Misty and she gets along so well with our other ridgeback Marley.
My workouts have been stretching during the day, light weights and 2 mile walks in the evenings! We take the dogs either to the dog park or the baseball fields to let them play! 2 big dogs need long workouts!
Our dogs are so important to our family. They are like my children and we love getting them out of the house and getting exercise. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Can a girl catch a break?

Lately things have been so getting tough! I am exhausted all day long, fall asleep on the couch around 7 but once Im in bed I am so uncomfortable I toss and turn all night. Not to mention my allergies-I feel as though there are 10 cats in my house at once. I can barely breath, have constant sinus pressure and itch everywhere! Top top that off...ALL I WANT IS CHOCOLATE CAKE....thank God I dont bake!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Whats New?

        I rang in the new year feeling strong and in control of everything going on! I had been eating clean and following my training program perfectly. The results were amazing and gave me such a new outlook on what being healthy was. But recently I had lost my appetite and had zero energy. I stopped doing my cardio but stuck to the weights and pushed thru it...I had an idea of what might be going on. 
Lets rewind a bit......
Over the past couple months I’d been struggling with 2 things that I wanted. 
On one hand I had come so far working out and getting in shape. I loved the new me and the energy I had. I loved being in the gym, feeling strong and doing my part in keeping my family healthy. I felt confident at the beach which was something Ive struggled with over the years-I had finally put my fears aside and stopped caring what everyone thought! 

The flip side was that we wanted to add to our family. It took my husband 4 years to get me to even consider having another child because I had everything I wanted- an amazing job, a cute little “house” and such a tight bond as a a family of 3. It had been the three of us for so long I didnt know if I was capable of adding to it! So here we are 8000 miles from where used to call home trying to conceive. 
I knew that once got pregnant I would be putting all my hard work on pause. I was so conflicted and had never struggled with what I wanted so much. 
So back to the reason Im writing this....

        New Years Day we drove up to the other side of the island to purchase a massive weight set, bench and other goods for our home gym we were putting together. I grabbed a test on the way to the checkout....
Later on New Years Day we found out we were having a baby. Every thought about my body, hard work and time spent sweating went out the door. I didn’t even care. All I knew was that I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to start this new journey. ( I wont gross you out with the positive pregnancy test photo!)

         After the news came appointments and moving boxes. During this time I lost all my energy and could barely keep my eyes open! I continued to go to the gym but found I needed to take longer breaks. I started a water boot camp class to try and ease the stress I was having about working out. {I found out that when you want something so bad you do everything you can to keep from losing it}. We moved into our new home and I slowed down even more. Naps were more of a necessity and I changed my workouts to nightly walks and light weights in my house.

 We had a couple issues in the beginning which put me in a crazy place that brought the emotional eater out of me. After I saw the scale at my first check up I was dead set on NEVER knowing how much i was gaining. I had to stay positive no matter what size I got! Thankfully I am still eating pretty well with the occasional cupcake...this is me being honest!