Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Mommy Transformation

This week Im sharing Wendy's story! She is one of the funniest ladies I've come to know and she's a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador! 

What was your life like before you started your health and fitness journey?
I have always been active. Never over weight in my life. Staying at home with my greatest accomplishment our 2 boys, Logan & Landon, I found myself too *comfortable*. I saw a picture of myself that I did not recognize. Or Like. So I started my journey back into fitness. I had been a CPT for almost 10 years in the 90's. I DECIDED NO MORE. I DECIDED to work hard and find myself again. But not just an *ok version* of me. But the BEST me I can be. Not just for myself, but for my husband, and our boys too. I was So overly happy, and blessed, in all the other areas of my life. Actually completely blessed and thrilled with our little life. But once it was just me, in the mirror by myself, I wasn’t happy with what I saw. So there were times that I would feel insecure about myself. And we all know that is no way to feel, or live. SO me & my husband got after it! And I have never been happier!

What motivated you to make a change?
I actually saw a picture of myself that I didn’t realize it was ME!! L After that I decided NO MORE!! And also not wanting to do certain things because it involved bikinis or water. I wanted to live FIT , healthy & Happy for all my boys!
I started Picking up the heavy weights again for the first time in quite awhile. It’s funny because before I ran across Kelsey Byers Story I had always said “I’m going to get as SKINNY as possible”. After reading her journey, then finding so many others just like her, it sparked something inside of me. Seeing all these women transform their bodies into Strong, fit, women I KNEW that’s what I wanted too! I no longer want to be *skinny* I want to be Strong, toned and Healthy! Just a little girl from TX with BIG FITNESS dreams.
It is truly a journey. Not happening as fast as id like. But it WILL happen. 

How do you involve your family in your journey?
Because there were certain times & places that I tried to avoid because I was not happy with myself. I was doing boot camp {mostly women} and my husband went to his gym. We talked about it decided to re-join our gym and get busy together as a family! Now we all go to the GYM as a family! The boys LOVE it there and have so much fun! And me and my sweet husband get to work out together for the first time in awhile!
It’ exciting to see my older Son, Logan who is 6, seeing the changes and being proud! I want my boys to know, by my example, that they too can do ANYTHING they set their minds to! 

What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
I have lost 55lbs so far on my own. My husband is gone a week at a time and with sick kiddos , and baby boy in the hospital last NOV. it put me in a funk/got me off track. It took me awhile to get back but once I did I never felt more inspired or motivated to get it done!! And past losing that big chunk of weight I would definitely say going to the gym, by myself when my husband is gone. Not being intimidated. Not making excuses. Just getting there to get the job done. And what’s funny is after the first time in the weight room alone I felt Strong already! I had a new *pep* in my step. Felt SO good being back to the weights!

Who inspires you?
The ultimate Main motivation, and inspiration, is our boys. I want to be Strong and healthy to live an active life with them forever! I want them to be proud of me and reach for their goals knowing that mommy taught them that anything is possible!
I also have so many amazing women that I follow on their transformation journeys! Kelsey Byers is really the one that Got me Back on track. After seeing her story. And where she is now. Well it lit a fire inside of me. I have even more goals for myself. I thought…HEY! I can do that too! So there is a Fitness bucket list that I have! I plan to tackle them all! I also follow Angelica Haas and Jamie Eason. All are local to me here in Houston. And more recently I now have a whole *family* of #SWEATPINK sisters! I LOVE that my Facebook page is flooded with motivation & amazing transformation & progress stories from all these amazing women! I have had some very KIND ladies post my transformation/progress and I am so thankful for their encouragement and kind words!

When you’re in a slump what do you do to shake it?
I usually SHAKE it off by just Deciding! Sounds too simple I know. But there is another Organization that I ADORE and follow here in Houston, TX and the concept is just that Simple. “I DECIDE”  
I would see The Founder of The "I DECIDE" fan page, Michael-David Reilly , and his photographs, on facebook at: and at  And I would get so inspired by these amazing FIT women!
And it just stuck! Now anything I feel that needs to be changed. That’s it. I tell myself “I DECIDE” to change whatever it is that needs to be done and I do it! It’s up to me, and you, to Decide where we take our lives. I could either be stuck, or MOVE!

How did you do it?
I actually started working out for the first time in years doing the Warrior Dash. I was at my heaviest at 210lbs. L I KNOW! WHAT was I thinking!? But my husband wanted to do it and I was determined to do it with him. I survived…I think! After that day I woke up SORE for the first time in forever! And I wanted more! SO then I started out going to Boot camp 3 days a week. And eating Clean. I saw amazing, and pretty fast, results so I joined the boot camp and went 6 or 7 days /week. I was thankful that was body was so forgiving and everything seemed to be going back where it belonged J I did that for about 9 months. Since then it’s been with my family at the Gym. And most recently following Jamie Eason’s LIVEFIT trainer.
My Next goal/what I’m working towards is to save up to meet with Kim Porterfield, a nutritionist, with The Institute of Eating Management here in Houston. And yes she is the one Kelsey Byers goes to! ;)

What is one of your favorite recipes?
I can pretty much eat the same things over & over. But I look to The Eat-Clean Diet, Tosca. And Clean eating online. As well as a number of Clean eating pages on Facebook just to get new ideas. But I always try to eat a lean protein, complex carbohydrate & non-starchy veggie at each small meal every 3 hours. I Love to make things with veggies that taste like you’re cheating. Like Cauliflower Pizza crust or zucchini Pizza bites etc.

One of my Favorites though is Jamie Eason’s Protein Bars. You can find them here at:

My FAV Protein right now is: Perfect Fit Protein, from the Tone it up Girls. You can find it here: or here:

& Lean Body for her *Vanilla Ice Cream* You can find it here:

Eat Clean & Train Mean


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monday Mommy Transformation!

Hello Monday! Today we are sharing our first Monday mommy Transformation story! This is Shannon and she has been such an inspiration for me and many others! With her help I was able to gain the knowledge to change up my workouts and see results! She is amazing! You can read her story below!
What was your life like before you started your health and fitness journey?

I was super lazy, very negative towards people, and never wanted to be around anybody.

What motivated you to make a change?
My husband and my son motivated me to make a change in my life. I didn't want to bring my son up in a life that was unhealthy and always negative. With me being overweight, it really put a strain on my marriage.

How do you involve your family in your journey?
We cooked and worked out together.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
My biggest accomplishments so far has been regaining my life back and my energy back. By regaining my life back, my husband and I have a brand new relationship and do a lot more things together.

Who inspires you?
There are many people on a daily basis that inspire me. I keep going so I can keep inspiring people like that.

When your in a slump what do you do to shake it?
When I am in a slump, I go to the gym or start looking through my pictures of my transformation and it kicks me back into gear.

How did you do it?
I achieved my goals by following the Jamie Eason 12 week program and eating clean daily. I recently finished James Wilsons 12 week program.

What is one of your favorite recipes?
It is hard to choose one favorite recipe. I recently got a membership to and LOVE many of her recipes! They definitely do not taste healthy but they are!