Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Mommy Transformation

This week Im featuring Jessica's journey! Ive been following her on facebook for quite a while so when I heard she was a Sweat Pink Ambassador I jumped at the chance to share her story! Enjoy!!

What was your life like before you started your journey to better health? 
Before I started my journey to health & fitness I was depressed. I had no self esteem, self worth or confidence in myself. I didn't know anything about being healthy or how to eat clean. I always thought "eat less, weigh less" and I tried ever diet pill, extreme diet etc you can think of! I would lose weight a lot of the time but gain it right back & usually double.

What motivated you to make a change? Well, I started my journey in September 2010 for the first time at the weight of 181 ...and I admit back then it was for the wrong reasons..I just wanted to get skinny then. I didn't even consider fit. By December 2010 I was down 29 lbs but in January 2011 found out I was pregnant with twins. While pregnant I changed my whole outlook. I researched fitness & healthy eating..I was very motivated to get it right this time. After I had my twins August 19th, 2011 I walked out of the hospital at 183. I was motivated bigger than life!! I had 6 weeks of C-section recovery time and it was HARD to keep myself recovering! Haha. Having my daughters changed everything for me. I wanted to get healthy for them..I wanted to set an example for them. I never wanted to be too out of shape to keep up with them! So..this time..I did it for the right daughters!

How do you involve your family in your journey? I have a jogging stroller & on the weekends I will take the girls out on a run with me. Or my husband, me & the kids will take long walks on this gorgeous trail we have where we live. Also, I love doing races so my family is always on the sidelines cheering me on :) 

What is your biggest accomplishment so far? This one if tough for me because everything I have accomplished so far is far beyond my wildest expectations!! But, I used to hate running so knowing I found a passion in a great accomplishment in my eyes. 

Who inspires you? My daughters mostly! And other moms who set aside excuses & make it happen!

When your in a slump what do you do to shake it? Remind myself where I started. I never want to be that unhealthy person again so giving up is not an option!
-What future goals do you have for yourself? I have SO many! I love strength training so really challenging myself in the weight room is one. Also, I  have been training for a marathon that I will take on in 2013. In a few years when my daughters are older I really want to train & compete in a bikini reason for waiting on that is my daughters. They are only babies once & I do not want to miss one minute of them growing up!! But, I WILL do it someday!! For now, my goals are just to keep up in the gym 5 days a week, get my long runs in on Sundays and be healthy, happy, eat clean & train mean!

How did you do it? No excuses!!! I don't always have the time to workout or eat clean, I mean my whole journey has been while my daughters were infants...but it's important to me so I do it!! I get up at 4 am before my husband or the babies are up and I get my butt in the gym. I prep my food daily and journal everything. I don't let myself have excuses because when I do that's when things crumble!

What is one of your favorite recipes? Jamie Eason's turkey muffins...I'm obsessed :)

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  1. Perfect choice for a feature post! Jamie Eason has great recipes :)

  2. Mommy transformations are always so inspiring to me!! I can't wait to be one myself one day!!!! Happy Monday! Spa love!