Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Mommy Transformation

Krisse from Airman Getting Strong is next up to offer inspiration! 

-What was your life like before you started your journey to better health?
I would always just take diet pills to lose weight and I never lifted weights. I was scared of them. Instead I would just b-line to the ellipticals and call it a day.
-What motivated you to make a change?
Pregnancy for sure. Right before I became pregnancy I was thinking that I need to step up my fitness level. But then I was so incredibly sick my first timester that I was barely able to leave the house for a walk. Then my second trimester came around and I got moving and started eating healthier! I started walking every night (still not lifting for some reason). Once I had my baby girl, I made a vow to become healthy and strong for her and myself. 
-How do you involve your family in your journey?
My baby girl is only 7 months old so she can't workout with me... yet. She loves flying baby, so I try to hold her above my head for as long as I can to get that extra burn in for the day. My husband compromises fat and flavor at dinner time. :) But I do my best to change up the meals often and boost the flavor while still remaining healthy.
-What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Push ups!!! I'm in the Air Force, and part of our physical assessments are push ups. I've always been horrible at them but after I had the baby I couldn't even do one... but 6 months after baby I went for my test and was able to do 37 in one minute!!! One month later I can do 40 now. 
-When your in a slump what do you do to shake it?
That is where I am at now. I lost the 30 pounds I gained during pregnacy plus I lost another 5 but I've been stuck for 6 weeks now. I'm not seeing the muscle that I want. So, I went back to basics. I just started following Jamie Eason's LiveFit Program.
-What future goals do you have for yourself?
I want muscle, muscle, and more muscle. I wouldn't care if I didn't lose another pound, just as long as I had some visible muscle. My triceps bother me the most so that is my main goal for now.

-How did you do it?
3 weeks after giving birth I went straight to the gym. I went to my go to cardio, Mr. elliptical, but this time I would set goals like to burn 800 calories in 45 minutes. I also started lifting and I fell in love. But my work had a different agenda. They wanted us to workout together during work hours. I kept up 2 a days for probably a month. But a guy I work with introduced me to beast workouts. This is not something you can find on the internet, these are just workouts that we created on our own. We would do them outside at work. We used sand bags and chains as weights, a sledge hammer, truck tire, and pretty much anything heavy that we could move around. We realized that we incorported Crossfit into our workouts without even knowing. We also took it to the road and would run... a lot. We would also sprint suicides in between sets. It got me to a 13 minute 1.5 mile (Air Force assessment also). Then we went to our gym on base and took the intro to Crossfit class and fell in love! We do that at least once a week.  
-What is one of your favorite recipes?
My comfort food is my favorite recipe! I sprinkle a raw tuna steak with seseme seeds and sear it on all sides with a cast iron skillet. I steam a little bit of jasmine rice and I make a dipping sauce made from rice vinegar, Mirin (sweet rice seasoning), and low sodium soy sauce. I also steam zuchini and squash to complete my perfect meal. 

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  1. What an awesome post!
    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading it!
    Tara :)

  2. Hi MIss Fit!

    This is an invitation to my blog. Please read and let me know if you feel we can connect on the fit & 'wellness the green way,' tip. After all, fitness is a holistic mindset, including home, family and environment!