Sunday, October 14, 2012

Staying active

Even while you are pregnant its important to stay active! This is the best time to do it for your body and baby and continuing exercise throughout pregnancy reduces the risk of obesity, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Please check with your doctor when starting any activity during pregnancy. 
If you are a beginner to working out, especially while pregnant, start slow and stick to your level of fitness. You don’t want to over do it and hurt you or your baby. 

Stretching throughout pregnancy has helped me stay ache free. I try to stretch at least once a day and it doesnt take long at all! I feel that due to my constant stretching I can still touch my toes and do most yoga poses with ease at 40 weeks! I don’t think my belly is on the small size either so Im grateful for my flexibility!

I usually stretch once Im at the gym in the morning both before and after I work out. During the day if Im sitting I try to sit butterfly style and once Im in bed I stretch my back out a bit! After a long day, stretching helps ease my body and I sleep so much better! 

No mater what you plan on doing for exercise I highly recommend warming up and cooling down at an easy pace. I walked on the treadmill/elliptical for about a mile before I start any weight training to warm up my body and get my heart rate up without over doing it!

Just about any class that is offered in the gym can be taken while pregnant. With any class, inform the instructor that you are pregnant and most will give you alternate moves or easier ways of performing during the class. 

*Spinning, take it at your own pace. If you are not used to the intensity then stay within your limits or take the speed down. 
*Yoga/pilates be mindful of moves done on your back or stomach.
*Water aerobics: consult your doctor later in your pregnancy

Warning signs
If you have any of the following symptoms while you're exercising, stop immediately and contact your doctor if they don't quickly resolve:
  • dizziness or feeling faint
  • headache
  • chest pain
  • bleeding
  • contractions 
  • fluid leaking 
  • decreased fetal movement
  • rapid heartbeat while at rest
Always perform your workouts with good form and know your limits!

Here are a few workouts I enjoyed!


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