Thursday, October 11, 2012

A few of my favorite things!

This week's 6 Favorite things are my everyday must haves! In and out of the gym!
I use my Blender Bottles for everything from my protein shake to my iced tea! I take it everywhere and love getting one in every color! They also have different sizes!
Their awesome facebook page with to keep you up to date on all their new products!
Check them out!

Have to have my iphone/ipad! Even though I hardly use it for talking it has all my playlists on it!  I also have  an app that has all my fitness magazine subscriptions! 
I LOVE this stuff! I use Egg Beaters 100% egg whites both raw and cooked! SO many options- making shakes in the morning, to cook with when baking and in my nightly chocolate shake before bed!
I use True Lemon everyday in my water to change it up a bit! They have so many different flavors I cannot wait to try!

I am constantly making lists-and sometimes I make lists of my lists! lol I find that writing things down helps me stay on track with food, home, exercise and finance! 

My all time favorite piece of clothing is  a razor back tank! I love how they fit and can be dressed up or down for the gym! 


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