Sunday, October 21, 2012

This Week in Workouts

Now that I am close to being cleared at my 6 week check up I wanted to start sharing This Week in Workouts with everyone! I had my son on September 16 and took 4 weeks to relax, re-coop and spend everyday with my husband loving on our babies!
Morning Routine!
I knew starting after being out of it for a month would be a lot so I needed to start slow and work my way up. The old me would have taken off running. Here is a look at what went on in my week!
Its not much but it'll do until Im cleared...1 week left!

Monday: 2.5 mile walk
Tuesday: 2.5 mile walk
Wednesday: 3.1 mile walk
Thursday: 3.4 mile walk
Friday-Sunday: bowling and family time!

Hopefully this next week we'll go farther. I think the only thing that puts a damper on things is the heat! I worry about the baby more than anything.
Hopefully this next week we'll get some clouds and a break from the heat!

Me Plus My Trainer
Little Girl in the Big World


  1. Hi Lindsey,

    WOW! I am so pumped that I saw your link up on my blog!! Woo hoo! You are truly and inspiration! What a week in workouts you had! You look amazing and I love that you guys went bowling this weekend! I haven't been bowling in years...I may have to give it a try soon!!!

    Looking forward to making this a weekly link up with your blog!!

    Cheers, Tara

    1. Me too! Im so glad I found your link up! I look forward to reading all the blogs!!

  2. Coming over from Meghan's blog. Congrats on your adorable son! Great job on getting all those miles in! Looking forward to reading more :)

    1. Thanks so much! I love him to death!

  3. Hey Lindsay! Great week! Slowly but surely, I'm so glad you're back at it. Do you feel a ton better? :) I tried to link up but not sure where to do it! xoxo

  4. Congratulations on your precious baby!! And awesome job staying in shape and keeping it up during this time. I had an abdominal surgery with 6 weeks of not being allowed to workout in August, and it was so hard. But I took my rest time then started back slowly and now I'm almost back to 100%! You'll be there so soon! Thanks for linking up!! I'm excited to read your workouts weekly and see you getting back at it! Good luck this week!