Monday, October 22, 2012


I've decided that it would be fun to take part in a clean eating / Paleo challenge. I've been eating clean for the last year now and I love that I'm actually one of those people that can say its a lifestyle. It just comes naturally and I don't really put much thought into it anymore!

Going Paleo...that's a whole new world for me. I would need to eliminate my grains: brown rice and oats ( I eat both daily), Dairy: yogurt(I don't eat often) and cottage cheese. I'm still looking into it and learning the spa and fonts but I think to just try it would be good. I love doing this so I can speak to an experience and have my own opinion and understanding. It starts Monday so hopefully by then I'll have everything in order!

In the group of girls doing this challenge I will be checking in daily with workouts, eating and how things are going. Along with being held accountable It'll be nice to see what everyone else is up to and how they are doing! I look forward to swapping recipes and tips! 
Here are some helpful sites to get more information.  

*What is the Paleo Diet?
*What is Clean Eating?
*Breastfeeding and Paleo



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