Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Being half a world away from my husband and most of my family during Sandy has got me stressing. I usually eat and EAT A LOT when Im stressed (Im the girl that gained 15 pounds the first 2 months of my pregnancy..when I was told I wasn't pregnant).
This time I've been trying to focus on good choices, better options and staying sane. Today I was out and needed a quick (Paleo friendly) snack and found these!! Its a bag full of amazingness! I literally walked the isles not wanting actual fruit (too messy to drive with) and just something that tasted great and was easy. Check out those ingredients! Some of the things listed that I LOVE!
  • No sugar added
  • I can eat the WHOLE bag (score!)
  • Kids love them!
  • Cheapola- $2.50
  • Kosher...thats always a plus right!?
These are amazing! There were 4 other flavors bit I tried the mixed pack. I couldn't get enough and finished them by the time I was home! So crunchy they could be used as cereal with some coconut milk. Im going to attempt to make some dried fruit on my own but for a quick snack for school, on the go or in front of the TV these are great! 


  1. Those look great! I'm on the lookout for them now!! Thanks for sharing! Spa <3