Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PPP Paleo

I am finding that going Paleo has been quite easy. I dont miss my oats (they were a pain to make) or my Rice (again I hated making it). I do miss my condiments...soy sauce! Its been 3 days and I don't feel like too much has changed in my eating and I feel great! The fact that I don't have to look at ingredients is nice! I just eat REAL FOOD...crazy concept huh? the last couple days have looked a bit like this:
M1: Omelet with spinach and tomato
M2: Nuts
M3: Salad and veg with oil, vinegar and mustard dressing
M4: Seaweed
M5: Chicken in mustard dressing marinade with veggies...so good!


  1. good for you, girlie!!! keep working hard to stay on task! i don't know if i could ever give up my oats!!! have a fab day! spa <3

  2. that is awesome that its becoming so easy for you! I've been changing one meal a day but they are always the same meals ahahaha! Oh well! at least I am making some changes!