Monday, June 18, 2012

Food Prep

*UPDATE: I have added to my food preparation tips HERE!

Its Sunday! Today we get our food prepped for the rest of the week. 
This is just some of the chicken and all the veg I cut up so we could just grab and saute or throw in a salad! A couple weeks ago ago I got a great deal on a 50lb bag of onions so I chopped them up and froze them in gallon ziplocks. On Friday they had chicken on sale so we bought almost 20 packs! We filleted and marinated them before grilling (marinade recipe is below). I also have the brown rice cooking for the week! 
Makes life and meal time so easy!


  1. I can't even imagine a 50lb bag of onion! That is crazy!!!! Love sriracha especially in my marinades. What a great idea for easy dinners.

  2. You are so "together"!!!! How many meals does this make, and who all is this for? I really need to start doing this and I need more info!! :-)

    1. This makes enough dinners and lunches for a week for my husband and I

  3. Do you freeze the meals you prep? I would think by like thursday things would start getting a little gamey =/

    I really want to start doing weekly food prep but I'm not sure how well everything will keep!