Friday, July 6, 2012

A Rant

  1. Food and drink considered in terms of its qualities,composition, and its effects on health.-Websters

When I hear the word diet I think of deprivation, crashing and short lived. I cant stand when people ask if Im on a diet. I refuse to diet. To me a "diet" has and end and then what happens next? If I can explain it as a lifestyle it makes it sound never ending. I dont want to ever stop eating well...who would? I used to swear by the South Beach diet but just like everyone else I know who has tried it..I stopped when I met my goal and went back to my old ways....You know, the ways that got me to my heaviest in the first place!! What was I thinking? It was a circle of never ending defeat.

I want to feel full, nourished and enriched by the foods I eat. I want to eat pizza, pancakes and dessert...but in their purest forms. Their names shouldnt dictate how they are made. I dont want them chock full of chemicals and additives...Who said pizza has to have some crazy proceesed form of food on it? Why cant I benefit from my food?

I want to walk away from my plate knowing Im being fueled by what I just ate-and it actually tasted good.
I dont want to walk away from my plate feeling like shit because I just ate something that had zero benefits and ingredients I couldnt even pronounce let alone find in a store!


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