Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Whats on your plate?

Growing up my mother always had a garden, made tofu chili and never ever allowed us to eat sliced cheese. This so called "cheese food" was never an option and I didn't eat lucky charms until I was able to buy it for myself {I hated it!} She knew everything there was to know about clean eating and self sustainability. The woman even made her own mayonnaise! Every lesson she taught me I have used to raise my own family and am thankful for every bit. I like the fact that my son eats more tofu than a grown adult and if given the option would eat rice and veg. over chicken nuggets and hotdogs! Like I've mentioned before I do spend quite a bit of time eating, 6 months is you recall, and LOVE food...any food. Thai, Italian, Mexican and especially Japanese!
We are eating clean with bumps in our past- hopefully we are on the right track now.


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