Monday, December 26, 2011

Putting it all together

I am now getting close to the end of Phase2 and Im looking forward to what phase 3 has to offer! I went from running (with the occasional spin session) and nothing else.  Since starting the trainer 2 months ago I feel strong, healthy and completely on top of my game. I am loving that I can see muscle definition, increased endurance and am consistently moving up in weights.
12.11. 2011

Here are a couple of my gains so far:
  • Dumbell curl:10lb  NOW: 20lb  
  • Dumbell press: 10lb NOW: 20lb
  • Barlbell curl: 10lb  NOW: 40lb
  • Barbell press:20lb NOW: 60lb
  • Standing calf raise: 90lb NOW: 150lb
  • Squat: 75lb NOW: 115/136 {4}
  • Rows: 15lb NOW: 25lb
  • Flys: 10lb NOW: 25lb