Saturday, December 10, 2011

Clean Eating

There's no fitness plan {that works} on earth that will tell you diet doesn't go hand in hand with the plan. The food you eat makes up 70% of getting to your goal. Just about everyone I know will say that abs are made in the kitchen and I have found nothing that disputes this! My version of clean eating is easy. Eat simple, naturally grown foods and READ what you eat!
 Step 1: Eat your greens! Fresh foods that are grown on a tree, a plant, or a bush. Nothing out of a can that is processed and full of salt, sugar, fats and the scariest-chemicals. Our bodies weren't made to digest these altered foods!
 Step 2: Have some meat! Meat straight from the butcher is best. If you need it ground buy it and grind it at home. If you ask they may grind it for you!
Step 3: Try a grain! Brown rice, 100% whole wheat and grains. Here is an amazing list of "go-to goods."
Step 4: Read those ingredients! Aim for healthy items with 3-6 ingredients total... and among those you should know what each one is. No crazy words that sound made up!


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